qsfp56 dd fr4 snEoptolink is proud to announce general availability of its 400G QSFP56-DD transceivers with Senko’s SN? connector. The SN? connector is a new generation of duplex optical fiber connector designed for Data Centers and 400G operation. The connector was designed to provide an alternative to MPO connectivity and uses individual and independent duplex fiber breakout at 400G QSFP56-DD or OSFP. SN connectors offer a simpler and more efficient fiber infrastructure, and at the same time increased reliability. The design of the SN? connector allows users to have four individual connectors with eight fibers in total, within a single QSFP-DD and OSFP transceiver interface. A 32x 400G switch can now be configured to act as a 128x 100G switch. All in 1U rack space.

CHENGDU, China, February 28, 2020 – Eoptolink Technology Inc., Ltd (SZSE: 300502) today announced the immediate availability of its SFP56-DD optical transceiver products.

The last 12 months has seen several significant developments at Eoptolink culminating in the successful launch of its 400G transceiver portfolio. QSFP56-DD and OSFP Form Factors enable point to point and 1:4 breakout applications up to 10km. DR1, FR1 and LR1 Single Lambda 100G models were also launched to support DR4 applications. Now, after the successful launch of its QSFP28  family, Eoptolink is proud to unveil its SFP56-DD family too. Three flavors, DR1, FR1, and LR1 are available with immediate effect:

EOLSD-131HG-O-5H-36: SM SFP56-DD 100G 500m, MSA and RoHS compliant, <3.5W
EOLSD-131HG-O-02-36: SM SFP56-DD 100G 2km, MSA and RoHS compliant, <3.5W
EOLSD-131HG-O-10-36: SM SFP56-DD 100G 10km, MSA and RoHS compliant, <3.5W

Eoptolink will be at OFC 2020 in San Diego and welcomes you to its stand #4220 for a demonstration of these and all their latest developments. For the SFP56-DD demonstration Eoptolink is proud to announce its joint collaboration with Nokia  where it will be showcasing a live demonstration of the world's first ever 100G Single Lambda SFP56-DD form factor transceivers in Nokia 7750 SR series of routers.

Eoptolink has been busy since OFC 2019, successfully launching its 400G QSFP56-DD and OSFP and 100G QSFP28 Transceiver families. The transceivers are now qualified and approved by leading switch vendor partners and shipping in to Cloud and ISP deployments.

Eoptolinks 400G DR4 family is available in 500m, 2km and 10km variants allowing good flexibility in breakout applications. DR1, FR1 and LR1 are available in 100G single lambda versions to complement the DR4 models. The next evolution of their DR4 transceiver family sees Eoptolink continue its successful business relationship with SENKO Advanced Components as a licensee of SN? technology and the adoption of the SN connector as an alternative to the MPO connector typical in DR4 transceivers. With SENKO’s SN connector, which is a duplex connector with two LC ferrules vertically aligned, four SN connectors fit in the same sized aperture as a single MPO connector. The beauty of this approach is that it enables four discrete point to point circuits to be handled independently of each other. Four point to point circuits are enabled between each of the 100G Single Lambda transceivers and the individual SN connectors on the DR4 so if one circuit needs to be worked on, the other three circuits need not be affected.

Eoptolink is proud of its business relationship with SENKO and this development offers its customers greater flexibility in their network rollouts. “SN connector will bring more flexibility, scalability, and efficiency in the network design and use” said Tiger Ninomiya at SENKO, “SENKO is delighted to work with Eoptolink on SN technology to support 400G roll out in the market.”

Eoptolink is demonstrating its 400G and 100G Optical Transceiver families at OFC 2020 including the use of the SN connector. Please come to our stand 4220 for a live demo. For further information please contact sean.davies AT




* SN ? is a Registered Trademark of Senko Advanced Components, Inc. 2019 ?

Eoptolink has been busy since last year’s OCP Global Summit 2019 and continues to lead the way with its 400G transceiver developments. Since last year’s Summit its 400G transceivers have been successfully qualified and launched by leading switching partners and are shipping into Cloud and ISP deployments.

Eoptolink has a complete range of Single-Mode 400G and 100G Single Lambda transceivers. 400G FR4 and LR4 are now available allowing 2km and 10km point to point connectivity. 400G DR4 is available in 500m, 2km and 10km providing good flexibility in breakout applications. DR1, FR1 and LR1 are available in 100G single lambda versions to complement the DR4 models. At the OCP Global Summit Eoptolink will demonstrate some of its next generation transceivers for 400G and 4x100G applications.

Eoptolink is also proud to be working with Innovium and has verified its transceivers with their TERALYNX? switch systems. This interoperability has been an invaluable corroboration for our customers. Amit Sanyal, VP of Product Management and Marketing at Innovium Inc. says, “Innovium is the only switch silicon provider of robust 1 to 12.8Tbps PAM4 networking solutions with consistent feature-set, and architecture scaling to 51.2Tbps+. We are excited to see TERALYNX? switch systems designed by world’s leading system partners being deployed by top cloud customers,” Sanyal goes on to say, “We have collaborated closely with Eoptolink to validate 100-400G optics, so customers can benefit from validated 12.8Tbps switching solutions with lowest latency, unmatched telemetry, programmability and best economics.”

Eoptolink is demonstrating its 400G and 100G transceiver family with Innovium’s 32port TERALYNX? switch at 2020 OCP Global Summit. The 32 port TERALYNX? switch combined with Eoptolinks 400G 4xSN QSFP-DD DR4 results in a 1U solution with 128 individual 100Gbps interfaces. The highest density for individual 100G ports.

Please feel free to come along for a live demo at our stand #C27 at the San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California between March 4th and 5th 2020. For further information please contact sean.davies AT


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